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I sincerely appreciate your interest in TinoTedesco basses!


Our efforts in the last couple of years have been directed towards experimenting with neck – body wood combinations, various scales, headstock sizes, overall weight of the instruments, electronics, pickups, fret size and string size. In my honest opinion, I think that with our instruments we have achieved a level of precision, playability, comfort and sound concept that is unseen in other comparable instruments.

We are extremely proud of our 5 string basses in particular as they have a great tonal authority right down to the low B without compromising pitch, clarity and punch. We use only the absolute best quality components to build our instruments and are convinced that, if well cared for, they will last a lifetime.

We have always strived to build a tool for the dedicated musician that makes him or her immediately feel at ease. Our instruments are “ready for work” so to say...


For more pictures please check out the gallery!

We offer 4 models, all in 4 string or 5 string versions, the 24 fret model is also available as a 6 string, fretted or fretless!

tino tedesco basses - 5/24
tino tedesco basses 4/21
tino tedesco basses - pea style

... and our latest model, the BIG BOY!! available in a 4 or 5 string version!

921 big boy 5 21 buckeye burl web model

  • pine, mahogany, alder, poplar or swamp ash bodies
  • C shaped hard rock maple necks with the choice of maple, bird's eye maple, wenge, macassar ebony or pau ferro fretboards
  • 34.5" scale
  • A contoured neck heel and recessed neck washers are standard to facilitate playing in higher registers.
  • Standard hardware are hipshot ultralight tuners and ultralight aluminum bridges
  • Dunlop straplocks are standard on all instruments.

Standard on all models

  • 34.5" scale
  • graphite reinforced bolt–on maple neck, pauferro fretboard
  • 4 bolt neck attachment
  • 12” radius on fretboard, 14" radius on the 6/24 model
  • 19mm string spacing @ bridge, 18mm on the 6/24 model
  • solid or transparent colors
  • chrome or black hardware
  • high quality gigbag or softcase 
  • we offer a 2 year limited warranty to the original purchaser


  • maple fretboard (quartersawn or flatsawn)
  • roasted maple fretboards and neck shafts
  • 3A bird's eye maple fretboard
  • macassar ebony fretboard
  • wenge neck
  • wenge fretboard
  • custom top woods
  • matching headstock
  • gold hardware
  • "old school" look (pickguard and control plate)
  • block inlays (white pearl, black, black pearl, paua abalam)
  • neck binding
  • bartolini soapbars
  • nordstrand soapbars
  • aguilar soapbars
  • emg pickups
  • nordstrand preamps
  • audere 3 band or 4 band preamps
  • aguilar obp-1
  • aguilar obp-2
  • aguilar obp-3
  • emg preamps 
  • sound-chambers

Please contact us for a complete pricelist with all available options!

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